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Proactive Data Loss Prevention (OnSite, OffSite, and OnLine Backup)

According to Murphy’s Law, “Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong; At A Wrong Time”

All digital storage devices will eventually crash, either through natural wear & tear, human negligence, power fluctuations, natural disasters or inherent manufacturers’ defects, BUT there are problems ONLY where you don’t have a backup or your backup fails to restore.

To prevent data users from the agony of losing data files and critical information assets, Data Recovery Specialist Limited has invested in proactive solutions to ensure a client can always restore the lost files without wasting time, and without any form of expertise.

Our proactive solutions are scalable and can be tailored according to what will perfectly fit the client’s budget. 

Our solutions will enable the clients to backup their files seamlessly and effortlessly, at almost little to nothing; in cost.  We can deploy a disaster recovery strategy on an OnSite, OffSite, or OnLine Platform.  The 3 combinations are also possible for a client, this largely depends on how much downtime a client can cope with.

We will setup every identified client’s systems to backup in an automated manner, either to an OnSite, OffSite, or to an OnLine Storage location.  Our Online locations are  domiciled in North America and Europe.  Only the authorised personnel of the clients can access the storage space..  Files are encrypted before leaving a client’s system for the online storage location, and can only be de-encrypted when needed for restoration in case of a data loss situation.

Our automated proactive backup solutions work according to a pre-timed schedule without any human intervention.

These machines/applications need adequate protection.

    • Exchange or other e-mail, SharePoint Server
    • SQL or Oracle Database Server
    • Application Server or any ERP Server
    • File or Web Server
    • User Desktops, Laptops, Tablets
    • Personnel, Payroll, Asset Mgt Server

Contact for a free assessment for us to recommend the most suitable and budget-friendly solution for your Organisation.  Prevention is better than cure!