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Password / Code Recovery

Password represents a key to access any given system resource, such a booting Server, Laptop, Server, or a typical application that needs protection from the unauthorised users. Password is a common feature of a booting system, it can be a BIOS based password, Operating Systems, or the application, such as Tally Accounting Package.

Once in a while, a user may also forget a password with which a data file such a pdf, or word, or a worksheet was protected from the prying eyes.  When this happens, irrespective of the machine, operating systems, or the application that created the files, we have what it takes to recover your lost password.

However, in some instances, the client may need to prove that the device belongs to the bearer or he has been authorised to represent the legitimate owners. As we speak, we are equipped to recover lost passwords of some phones, with the exception of those phones which nobody can crack; anywhere in the world.