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Need A Data Loss Vulnerability Assessment

Based on experience, so many causes can lead to a data loss situation, the good news is that no data loss situation can occur without a warning, it is just that users and ICT Personnel don’t pay attention to the warning, or they don’t understand how to interpret the warnings/signals/symptoms before they become a total data loss situation.

Some causes are human related, while some are environmentally induced, and some causes are really not within the control of the systems’ custodians, whatever the case may be, ALL causes of data losses are detectable and preventable to the barest minimum and thus saving the Organization the rigors of reactively recovering the lost data files.

Data Recovery Specialist Limited can conduct a systematic assessment of a client’s Data Centre or office or network to identify and determine how much vulnerable the Organization is regarding a critical data loss situation.

If it matters to you to always have access to your critical business information assets, invite us today to assess and certify your data center for immunity or otherwise for data losses. We can equally test your environment for Data Leakages through the network or any other means through which your personnel are intentionally and unintentionally releasing your critical business trade secrets to the outside world.