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DRSL Disk Monitor‎

All Hard Disks will crash, it is a matter of when, NOT if.

Hard Disks don’t suddenly fail or crash, it is a gradual process towards a final inaccessibility needing the services of a professional data recovery Company.

To avoid the unnecessary expenses and productivity loss associated with a sudden disk failure, DRSL and her technical partners are offering a proactive tool that will accurately detect a pending disk crash, and advise the computer owners, either servers or workstations, irrespective of sizes. Its goal is to find, test, diagnose, and repair hard disk problems before it becomes a data loss situation.

HDD Sentinel has capabilities to check the SMART features of all the drives in a Computer/Server, test for temperature, humidity, low storage space, injurious electrical current going into the drive, disk read/write performance degradations, determine Disk LIFE Expectancy, will repair the disk, AND will start a PANIC Backup of the Disk to protect your data from a pending failure and viral attacks, such as a Ransomeware encryption.

According to Murphy’s law, whatever ‎will go wrong, will go wrong, and at a wrong time. Why wait until your critical data becomes inaccessible before looking for Recovery Services?

You can FREELY try our tool today, the licenses are perpetual and never renewable.