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Digital Forensic Investigations

unnamed-2 unnamed unnamedAccording to a research, unknown to the Cyber-Criminals and users of systems, 85% of all activities that took place on a digital storage device can still be recovered even when deleted.

Illegal activities will continue to grow with the aid of computers. Whatever the category or type of crime, be it civil or criminal, computer technology is often involved. Today, lawyers and other litigants recognize the value of electronic evidence. As computers are increasingly becoming involved in illegal activities, so is the value of the evidence they hold. In recent years, the paper trail found within the storage media of desktop and laptop computers can make or break a case.

Data Recovery Specialist Limited Forensic Team can secure the evidence, Locate Critical Evidence, and determine the WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHICH, and WHAT of all malicious digital activities.

We have the expertise and tools to recover evidence from e-mails, ledgers, and other data content dealing with patent and copyright infringement, trade secret theft, sexual harassment and other employee misconduct, discrimination, divorce, fraud, indecency, industrial espionage, narcotics smuggling or corruption and determine if data has been altered, damaged or destroyed.



We cover the following areas, and more:

Faked eMail Forensics Investigation Business/Banking Application Data Tampering/Theft
Telecoms Revenue Losses Investigation/Skimming Employees Internal Abuse/Document Tampering
Infidelity And Family Investigations Document Theft/Data Leakage Investigation
Slandering/Wrong Information Dissemination Dbase Backend Access Manipulation Investigation
Malicious Data Deletion/Wiping Pirated Software/Hacking Tools
Espionage/Sabotage CCTV/Video  Analysis
Audio Information Analysis Telecoms Cell Sites Data Capture And Analysis