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Dbase And Application Conversion

We offer a full range of database and application migration services, and using the proprietary tools developed by our international partners, our experienced team can help you assess, design, implement and test the migration. We use a customized version of our tools to ensure high level automation and optimized migration while fully meeting the business and design requirements.  We are proficient and experienced in the followings:


  • Database Migration Services
    We can convert stored procedures, functions, triggers, database schema (DDL), data, embedded SQL statements and database API, in front-end applications and scripts. On your demand, we will promptly adopt SQLWays to your particular requirements and demands. Relying on our innovative tools our database migration professionals, you can be sure that your migration project will be completed on time and on budget
  • Embedded SQL/Database API Conversion Services
    Our top-notch experts can perform comprehensive assessment and migration of embedded SQL statements and database API in various applications. We deliver conversions between ODBC, Oracle OCI, Oracle Pro*C, Sybase CT/LIB and other interfaces.  After tuning the product, the entire migration of embedded SQL and database API goes more secure, which dramatically decrease conversion risks and reduce time spent on the project.
  • Application Conversion Services
    Our IT gurus execute Application Conversions between various platforms and programming languages. We have the expertise to deliver migration solutions and maintain a strong commitment to service quality. We ensure you will achieve the maximum value from our intervention and solutions.

These are samples of our capabilities, consult us if your platform is not listed hereunder:

Database Migration Embedded SQL/API Migration Application Conversion
  • Oracle Migration
  • MySQL Migration
  • SQL Server Migration
  • PostgreSQL Migration
  • DB2 Migration
  • Sybase Migration
  • Netezza Migration
  • Teradata Migration
  • NonStop Migration
  • Neoview Migration
  • Greenplum Migration
  • Informix Migration
  • Progress Migration
  • Firebird Migration
  • InterBase Migration
  • Microsoft Access Migration
  • Convert Java JDBC Embedded SQL
  • Convert PowerBuilder Embedded SQL
  • Convert COBOL Embedded SQL
  • Convert ADO.NET Embedded SQL
  • Convert ASP Embedded SQL
  • Convert Perl Embedded SQL
  • Convert Unix Shell Embedded SQL
  • Convert C/C++ Sybase CTLib API
  • Convert C/C++ Oracle Pro*C API
  • Convert C/C++ Oracle OCI API
  • Convert C/C++ MySQL API
  • Convert C/C++ MSSQLServer ESQL/C API
  • Convert C/C++ ODBC API
  • Convert Oracle Pro*Cobol API
  • Convert Oracle PL/SQL to Java
  • Convert COBOL to .NET
  • Convert COBOL to Oracle PL/SQL
  • Convert COBOL to MSSQLServer T/SQL
  • Convert Progress 4GL to .NET
  • Convert Progress 4GL to PHP
  • Convert Progress 4GL Reports to Crystal Reports
  • Convert Informix 4GL to .NET
  • Convert Informix 4GL to Java
  • Convert PowerBuilder to .NET
  • Convert Oracle Forms to C#.NET
  • Convert Java to C#
  • Convert Visual Basic to VB.NET
  • Convert Visual Basic to C#.NET
  • Convert Delphi to .NET
  • Convert ASP to ASP.NET
  • Convert C/C++/4GL to SQL Procedures
  • Convert Perl and Shell Scripts
  • Application Refactoring