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Data Wiping Services (Secure Data Destruction)

According to a research, 74% of discarded PC hard drives contain private data that can be read easily and recovered… even if the drive has been reformatted.

It is dangerous to expose corporate information assets to unauthorized persons, let alone leaving retired corporate PCs in the hands of unknown people, because an old PC sold to a personnel can be resold by the personnel to another person; who may become dangerous to your Organisation/person in the future. Before you release your retired Hard Drives/Storage Devices to your personnel or the public, ensure the contents are securely wiped. Formatting does not work in this scenario, formatted hard drives can still be recovered, and permanent deletion can be un-deleted.

We wipe all storage devices in accordance with US DoD 5220-22.M (3) for corporate bodies and

individuals, or DoD 5220-22.H (7) for Security establishments. This is the globally acceptable standard for secure wiping:

3 Possible Protections
1. Compliance with global privacy protection law
2. Possible litigations and claims as a result confidentiality breach
3. Protection from reputational losses

Who Needs Secure Data Destruction?
If your company stores any of the following on a computer or electronic storage device, you DO need our Data Wiping Services:
Accounts Payable and Receivable, Ledgers, and Budgets
. Invoices Acquisition Strategies 
. Advertising Misprints 
. Legal Papers & Documents 
. Bank Information 
. Bidding Strategies 
. Maps & Blueprints 
. Market Studies and research 
. Medical Records 
. Building and Computer Access Codes, Usernames, PIN numbers and passwords
. Company Meeting Minutes 
. Electronic Microfilm & Fiche 
. Classified Documents and New Product Proposals 
. Company Expansion and Reduction Plans 
. Patent Application Material 
. Payroll Records, Personnel Files and employee appraisals 
. Confidential Correspondence and Memos 
. Personal Bills and Financial Statements 
. Contracts and Agreements
. ATM and Other Card Services Information 
. Pricing Strategies, price lists and inventory Lists 
. Employment Applications 
. Proposals, Estimates and Quotes 
. Financial Records and investment information 
. Research & Development Reports 
. Income Tax Records 
. Insurance Coverage Records 
. Sensitive and Confidential Memos 
. Customer lists, address books & telephone numbers
To be as safe as possible, you must overwrite/erase/wipe both the used, slack, and free spaces on all drives. Also, the Windows swap file (a.k.a page file) could contain private data that your Bank wouldn’t want to have