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Data Recovery Training And Consultancies

Bearing in mind that knowledge becomes more valuable when shared, at Data Recovery Specialist Limited, we have developed a common body of knowledge in the areas of data loss recovery, and depending on the need of a corporate body, we can conduct an onsite data recovery training for certain number of attendees at a time.

Our curriculum has been developed in concert with our international partners, and these specialised trainings are equally delivered, in an instructor led fashion, with theories and hands-on exposure, covering all facets of Data Loss Situation Analysis, Identification Of Causes Of Failure, Fixing The Failed Drive, Raid Recovery, Password Recovery, and so on.

At your instance, we are copiously available to assess your needs and then plan an OnSite Training event for your team. We also have the competencies to assist an Organisation to set up a Data Loss Recovery Laboratory, this covers planning a laboratory, procuring the tools (Hardware And Software), Training the users, and as well, putting together operating manuals to drive the operations of the laboratory.