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CCTV / DVR Video Converter

Whether the old CCTV or the recent IP Surveillance Systems, Organizations are finding it difficult and time-consuming, in some instances impossible, to playback footages recorded by the cameras, especially when the need arises to investigate an incident captured by the surveillance system.

In some instances, Administrators of the CCTV/DVR solutions do not know when the disk storage is getting full, such that some critical incidents may be overwritten in the process, thus defeating the real reason for deploying the surveillance security systems.

The good news is that we have developed some proprietary tools to automatically convert recorded footages from the CCTV/DVR to a format that can be played back on any Windows or Mac workstation, and with any player. Whether H.263/4 or any Video Codec, we can convert all CCTV/DVR Videos to any format.

Our tool will regularly check the CCTV/DVR Disks where the recorded footages are stored, and automatically converts the proprietary CCTV/DVR videos to .avi, .mov, .mp3/4 or other generic formats which can be played back on any player outside the CCTV/DVR.

The converted videos are then saved to a designed storage space outside the CCTV/DVR, thus protecting the critical recorded footages from being overwritten by the CCTV/DVR due to storage insufficiency.

Each surveillance system is different, and so each project is different, call us today to review your needs and we will proffer a solution based on your existing CCTV/DVR technologies.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs.